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Dgraph Day 2021

On April 15-16, Dgraph Labs held the ultimate Dgraph community event that allows attendees to take their Dgraph knowledge to the next level. 

Dgraph is the #1 graph database on GitHub and is an open source, low-latency, high throughput, native and distributed graph database. 

Make the most of your graph database and GraphQL with talks and workshops run by experts using Dgraph at scale in production and building the next generation of apps.

With 100 billion queries and growing, they know people use Dgraph in different ways; join in and connect with other Dgraphers.

Come have fun at the ultimate Dgraph party with their vibrant global community. 

I worked with the lead designer to create marketing assets to share on social media and use during event live streams. Over 3.8k people signed up for the event and over 85% (3273) are new leads. There was a 4% conversion rate from the sign up list to new DGraph cloud accounts as a result of the event.