soil superheroes

ngx partners with clients to reimagine what’s possible in physical and digital spaces. They’re focused on people and fuelled by collaboration to activate storytelling, art, and technology to inspire and engage. I worked on a digital and mechanical exhibit that was part of a travelling exhibition by the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM) titled Soil Superheroes.


museums, displays, and data

The main message of this exhibit is to inform exhibition visitors that human activities can jeopardize the balance of soil ecosystems, affecting their ability to function, or how they can help soil ecosystems. The exhibit aims to be engage children over 8 and adults.

The learning objectives and outcomes from this project aims for visitors to:
  • Learn that human expansion and consumption habits are rapidly changing land.
  • Witness the speed at which humans are changing land use in globally.
  • Learn how humans are changing land use.
  • Understand how our lifestyle habits have an impact on land use around the world.

Design deliverables and UX documentation was updated for the client and assets were marked for export to hand off to the development team.


here’s how it’s done

Wireframes were made prior to the first iteration of the hi-fi UI to see how interactions and what the overall layout of the display would be like. Since the layout was predetermined by the client, the only thing left was to add colour and images to bring the display to life.

Exhibit Wireframes

Final UI


how’s it going?

The travelling exhibition ‘Soil Superheroes’ launched in Aug 2021 to the public and will be a permanent exhibition with the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum.

Check it out.